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Heating Systems

Heating Systems: Radiant Heaters
Radiant Heaters
Improve production and profitability with the patented heat efficiency, range of heat outputs, flexible installation and proven reliability. The ideal heating solution for healthier swine and poultry… and up to 40% fuel savings Beyond providing a healthier growing environment for your animals, it can save you significant money on your energy costs — up to 40% depending upon your facility and current heating solution.  The high level of efficiency of combustion combined with the heat optimizing cone design eliminates unnecessary fuel...


Heating Systems: Heating Mats
Heating Mats
Designed for producers, heating mats are easy to install, durable, energy efficient and safe. They allow you to optimize your power consumption and make appreciable savings while ensuring a safe environment because of their damage proof, sturdy design. Very efficient Our heating mats make you save 66% more energy than infrared lamps over an equivalent utilization period. Their service life is 22 times longer than that of infrared lamps, which means savings of 42% on their purchase price.  Our heating mat lasts 15 years, whereas an infrared lamp lasts 0.7 year or...


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